AAP Guide for Infant Car Seats

Age Related Safety Sheets:

   Birth to 6 Month Safety Sheet (AAP)

   6 to 12 Month Safety Sheet (AAP)

   1 to 2 Year Old Safety Sheet

   2 to 4 Year Safety Sheet (AAP)

   5 Year Safety Sheet (AAP)

   6 Year safety Sheet (AAP)

   8 Year Safety Sheet (AAP)

   10 Year Safety Sheet (AAP)

Baby Walkers (AAP)

Bicycle Helmets (AAP)

Bicycle Myths (AAP)

Bicycle Safety (AAP)

Childproofing Checklist:

 Choking Prevention Sheet (AAP)

Common Choking Hazards (AAP)

Crib Safety (AAP)

Firework Injuries (CDC)

Home Playground Equipment (AAP)

Home Water Hazards (AAP)

Internet Safety (AAP)

Lawn Mower Safety (AAP)

Lead Poisoning - Recalled Toys

Life Jackets and Life Preservers (AAP)

Poison Prevention (AAP)

Pool Safety (AAP)

Preventing Firearm Injury (AAP)

Shopping Cart Safety (AAP)