Sending Your Child Back To School?

We know that sending your child back to school during a pandemic can be a scary thought. As a pediatric practice, we want to take the time to discuss with you our thoughts on the matter.

Simply put, we ask that you consider your opinion before anyone else’s. At this point in time, we are unsure of what exactly the best move forward may be. We simply do not know all of the risks involved and are hesitant to offer concrete guidance on the matter given the information we do have. As of now, the decision (if applicable) to send your child back to school should be based on your judgment.

We would advise however, that pregnant/expecting mothers proceed with much more caution on the matter, as they are at a greater risk of health complications.

With all this being said, we are eager to hear your thoughts. We believe strongly in the value of open discussion, so please feel free to leave any questions/comments down below. If you would like to discuss this personally with us, we would absolutely love to hear you out. Please contact us anytime!

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