Our Seasonal Flu Clinic Will Return Soon

For returning patients of ours, you may recognize our seasonal flu clinic. This clinic provides flu vaccination and other vaccination services for our patients.

We will start back again just in time for flu season. Check in here for the latest updates.

While appointments cannot be booked at this time, you may pre-book your flu appointment by contacting our office at any time. Please note that the flu clinic schedule will be kept separate from other patient schedules and that flu clinic appointments must be scheduled in advance. In addition, only patients of ours may receive our flu clinic services. As much as we would love to offer these services for families, it is simply not possible due to policies by our vaccine suppliers.

We here at Lawrenceville Pediatrics want to make our flu clinic a pleasant experience. Therefore, patients do not have to come inside the building to receive their vaccinations. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we understand that cases may spike due to school being in session, and would like to decrease the risk of exposure by conducting flu clinic appointments in the parking lot whenever possible.

If parents approve, we would like to attempt and do vaccinations in the parking lot. If you decide not to opt-in for this type of service, we will have a tent outside of our office to conduct flu clinic appointments. In addition to flu vaccinations, we would be happy to give any additional vaccines that are due at the time of your visit. We hope that you utilize our flu clinic services, and we look forward to giving our patients their vaccinations!

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